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The CARP Law Office, specialized on business legal advice, offers a wide array of legal, general and/or dedicated services, which cover the fields of business law, commercial law, tax law, insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings, private international law, civil law, penal law and labor law.


We offer advice and representation concerning the formalities for establishing and/or modification of commercial companies, assisting and participation in the negotiation and closing of commercial transactions, payment ultimatum procedures.


The firm’s professional liquidation and restructuring practitioners provide overall legal assistance, focusing on liquidation procedures, insolvency and bankruptcy reorganization procedures, and representation in secured and unsecured creditors’ committees.


Our activity in this field includes setting up mergers, acquisitions and associations, drawing up and negotiating contracts, and general legal advice concerning the legal environment, financial instruments, competition and aspects concerning the labor law.


Our activity in this field includes a wide range of matters pertaining to concessions, expropriations, negotiation of PPP contracts both on the investor and the public authority side, organizing of tender materials and supervising the tender, as well as participating to tenders on behalf of investors.


We offer advice and representation in front of the Romanian Competition Council and in front of the qualified courts concerning the notifications about the economic cartels, approval of vertical and horizontal understandings and investigations concerning possible infringements of the competition law.


We offer advice and assistance to a wide variety of customers: real estate development companies, real estate owners, creditors and investors in a series of complex projects, including Greenfieldinvestments, building contracts, rentals, finding optimum solutions concerning structuring and association quitting and settle conflicts. We also offer complete assistance services for the exploitation of real estate assets, acquiring permissions and town-planning certificates, property titles, regulating and contractual aspects.


Our activity in this field includes counseling or customers in projects referring to supply contracts, technology licensing and activities concerning the intellectual property. A specific field of our expertise is the Internet law (domain name, electronic commerce) and aspects concerning the intellectual property rights implied.


We provide assistance and advice concerning individual and collective contracts, internal regulations, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, management contracts and other benefits programs. We also offer assistance concerning the legal requirements in the case of collective layoffs and we represent the clients in labor litigations.


We offer legal solutions for the boosting of investments and lowering the taxes due by the commercial companies, providing advice concerning VAT, profit and income tax, the new taxes on real estate and capital transactions, and for the financial inspections and disputes with the tax authorities.


In order to avoid bureaucracy and unnecessary delays inherent to trials, we encourage our customers to seek alternative methods for dispute settling and we are ready to negotiate favorable solutions for them through arbitration procedures, mediation or reconciliation.


We provide representation for our customers in front of all law courts, in civil, commercial, administrative, fiscal, penal and labor law disputes.